Aluminum Profile manufacturers

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Aluminum Profile manufacturers

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Aluminum Connection Profile includes aluminum tap, aluminum U profile, aluminum H profile, used for connections of polycarbonate sheets and end sealing.

Product Features:
Weather resistant
Good looking
Easy to install

Typical Applications:

Company Information:
We own 8 world class Co-extrusion lines, of which 2 are for multiwall sheets, 3 for solid sheets, 1 for standing-seam system and 2 for accessories. We also have post-process workshops for cutting, engraving, polishing, printing and thermoforming. Relying on our superior innovation capability and hardware platform, Innovo has become a leading manufacturer of thermoplastic sheets in China. Our products are widely used in segments of agriculture, construction, architecture, advertisements, DIY, fabrication and etc. Aluminum Profile manufacturers
website: ... m-profile/

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