Crane Control Units

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Crane Control Units

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Crane control units parameters
Brand nameLSSINE
PowerAC 50Hz(60Hz),below the control circuit
Rated voltage380V(440V)
Company advantagement:
1. Our workshops’environment is clean and comfortable,Every person wear working clothing.

2. Our company have staff mobilizational activities.

3. Our company have transport goods driver, we can better arrange to delivery goods.
4. We support many payment modes:L/C, T/T, Western Union.
R: Do you manufacture this products?
Q: Yes ,we are factory
R: Which countries do you export to?
Q: Singapore,Russia,Vietnam and so on

R: Besides this products what else products you manufacture?
Q: Joystick,resistor,crane cabin and so on

R: What quality control system do you have??
Q: Our company have some professional quality staffCrane Control Units

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