WoW Shadowlands was bringing with it the next fascinating and cosmic chapter

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WoW Shadowlands was bringing with it the next fascinating and cosmic chapter

Post by rodeoneerer » Thu Jun 10, 2021 8:32 am

Last year World of Warcraft had the distinction of celebrating its 15th anniversary, which not only marked somewhat of a videogame milestone but served as a testament to the sheer size and scope of a world that has evolved and changed over the course of a decade, plus. Plus -- think about that for a minute.

In the afterlife-themed Shadowlands, players will spend about a quarter of their leveling time in the zone of Bastion. The angelic zone trains those spirits who will aid the worthy in their transition from death to the afterlife, and one of the first characters players meet is Pelagos, who is training to ascend to those ranks.

In Shadowlands, players embark on a quest to discover why innocent souls are being fed into the Shadowlands' hell equivalent — The Maw — and why its ruler, The Jailer, has refashioned the hellscape and its denizens into his own personal army of the damned. The infinitely ancient cycle between life and death has been broken, and Sylvanas is at its core. Over the course of the expansion, players stand to discover the fates of various vanquished Azerothian heroes and villains, including Warcraft 3 figures like Kael'thas Sunstrider and Uther Lightbringer, and unravel a plot that started all the way back in the Legion expansion.

Shadowlands is currently in the final stages of polish at Blizzard and is set to arrive in the coming months. Where it'll immediately set itself apart from what we’ve seen before, is a narrative and setting that shifts the focus away from the mortal realm of Azeroth to that of the Afterlife. A cosmic location situated in the stars, Shadowlands is a place where souls from all worlds end up whenever their health-meter reaches zero. But, like anywhere it, too, is a location steeped in history (albeit a timeless one) and home to various regions, characters and mysteries.

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