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How to Get Halo 2 to Work on Windows 8 and with a Joystick

Posted: Sun Sep 17, 2017 6:16 am
by Rapilotn1
1. Click on the folder icon on the Windows taskbar. Then click the DVD drive in the left part of the window. Right-click on the setup file. Then click properties. Click the compatibility tab. Click the checkbox to use the compatibility mode. In the compatibility list box, select Windows Vista service pack 2.
2. Run the setup file on the DVD drive.
3. Click the button to install the game.
4. Run the game.
5. If the screen is cut off, then do this step. Select the settings menu by using the arrow keys and return. This is the fourth menu item. Then select video. This is the third menu item. Select display mode and choose windowed mode.
6. Here is how to get Halo 2 to work with a joystick. Select settings from the main menu. Then select player. Then select controller. Then select southpaw as the thumb stick layout. You can now rotate left right and look up and down using the joystick. Then program the joystick buttons to press the appropriate keys to move forward, backward, and strafe left and right. I prefer the twist function to be used to strafe left and right- so program the joystick to do this if you want and the joystick supports this. You can also use the hat switch to strafe left and right. Then program the buttons you want to press the keys that move forward and backward.